About Caroline

"Well now, who's this Caroline person then?" you may be wondering if you missed Joel's birthday party in December. 

Caroline Bright is from Vermont. Even if you've only met her once for ten minutes on a flight from Tampa to Philly, you've probably been told that about five times. Caroline spent her college days at St. Lawrence University and Saint Michael's College studying Political Science and becoming Miss Vermont.

Caroline ran for the Vermont State Legislature in 2012 and 2016, and has otherwise pursued a completely normal career for a would be politician, running her Professional Bridesmaiding business and working as a Flight Attendant for a major US Airline. You know, the usual. 

She has been called "surprisingly interesting", "unexpectedly intelligent", and "Leslie Knope" by random strangers. She enjoys cross stitching, Doctor Who, and assembling meals/Ikea furniture. 

About JOEL

"So just who is this Joel Rice?", you might be asking yourself if you're joining us here because you know Caroline.

Well, he's basically your normal All-American hero. 

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Joel's undergrad years were spent at the University of Pennsylvania. He deployed to Iraq as a medic with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, and when he got home he joined the Philadelphia Police Department, where he often participates in his favorite hobby: cats. In 2017 Joel graduated from Temple Law School AND passed the Pennsylvania Bar Exam, officially making him a Cop, Esq. 

Joel is the kind of guy who pulls over to push a stranger's car out of a snowbank, wears a three piece suit for a seven hour drive to the Vermont State House, and in his spare time he enjoys long walks through Ikea. 

Oh, and he can sing, too.