Answers to some questions you might have:


So how did you meet, anyway?

"The internet is a magical place full of wonder. It's where I found my car, my job, and now a husband. I would highly recommend the internet." - Caroline

Are there any last name changes we should know about?

Actually, yes! It’s a good thing you asked because we’re going about this in a less than traditional way. Joel will be adding Bright to his name. So after June 1, you can just call us “The Brights”! Or Mr. and Mrs. Bright. Or Joel and Caroline Bright. Or whatever endearing nickname you want to come up with.

Well…that’s a little weird…why are you making it weird?

“It shouldn’t be weird, and it won’t stop being weird until more men do it. One of the first things I noticed (and admired) about Caroline was her courage and dedication to doing good in Vermont politics. It can be exhausting sometimes, but she brought that same zeal with her to my neck of Penn’s Woods, and I’m very proud of Caroline for the work she’s done with our PA state representative to make post-marriage name changes fair, regardless of gender.” -Joel

So wait, two weddings?

Yes! Kinda! We’ll have the ceremony in Philadelphia June 1 followed by an intimate lunch. In the evening on June 1, we’ll be celebrating Philly style at one of Joel’s favorite spots where there will be much rejoicing. There will also be important wedding components that we're saving for the June 22 event in Vermont like the first dance and the cake cutting, among others. If the Vermont reception works better for your plans, you won't be missing out! We're anticipating that some people will be able to join us for both (we're looking at you, mothers) and some people will only be able to make one, and that's 100% fine. 

But am I invited?

We would LOVE to invite EVERYONE we know, but the historic nature of the locations means that we just can't physically FIT everyone into these spaces. Our Philadelphia Reception (at Bonner’s in the evening on June 1) and our Vermont Reception (at the 1906 House on June 22) both have PLENTY of room to accommodate activities.

Which one is the REAL wedding?

Well, the legal ceremony will be in Philadelphia on June 1, but the biggest party will be in Vermont on June 22. Important information: all dancing will be saved for Vermont. We aren’t banning dancing Footloose style, but the spaces where we’re celebrating in Philly simply don’t have room for a dance floor. Such is life.

Will everyone be invited to both?

Most people will be invited to both, but we've already spoken to a few folks who know they definitely can't make it to one date/location but can make it to the other one, and that's great! There's also just physically more ROOM for people in Vermont, so that's a plus. We don't want anyone to feel excluded or left out- but we're both such rule followers that we do take things like fire codes seriously, so that's a thing.

What should I wear?

Each event page has the dress code clearly laid out, but for the love of all that is joyful, please do not wear black or white attire. The bride has LITERALLY blogged about this issue. For all our sakes, please just read the blog post here and wear something colorful.

Why are you both so cute?

We can’t help it. It’s sickening.


Where are you going to live?

Please see below.